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Get Involved!
Don’t stay on the sidelines!
Join forces with like-minded men and women and make a difference.

By signing up for our emails and alerts, you will become a member of Texas Eagle Forum. Membership is free, but your partnership with us is very much appreciated!


Texas Eagle Forum gives a voice to conservative grassroots patriots and helps steer our legislators toward conservatism. We are a starting point to learn about the issues of the day. Our website provides a one-stop location to find information about hot topics facing Texans. Our alerts keep you up-to-date on legislation and help you make your voice heard. Together in numbers, we make a difference.

Here's how you can begin:


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How you can Help


Please consider sending us a donation.

We are completely dependent upon donations from our constituents.

Texas Eagle Forum is a 501(c)4 organization.
Your gift to us is not tax-deductible, but it is a very worthy place to direct your gifts.

We are strictly a volunteer-run organization exclusively dependent upon gifts from donors. Our work is to support the cause of liberty by reaching out to the grassroots to educate them on current legislation and motivating them to partner with us and act on the knowledge we provide.

Our work requires traveling around the state, initiating training programs for citizens, being a consistent voice in Austin, providing access to information, providing a newsletter and more. This work takes much time and financial resources. We need your support and we are very grateful for patriots who help!

If you would like to discuss starting a new chapter in your area, please click here:  

Check our list of chapters to see if there is one near you.

If there is not a chapter near you, consider starting a small group for your area. Press the button below to let us know you may be interested and we will contact you to discuss the possibility with you. 

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