Election Integrity



Today a slate of election integrity bills will be heard in the Senate Committee on State Affairs. Chief among them is SB 7, by Sen. Hughes and co-authored by 12 Republican Senators. This bill is strong on dealing with mail-in balloting, protects poll watchers, and ends drive-through voting. Among its weaknesses: leaving the Secretary of State (SOS) with the ability to set election standards and waive law. Additionally, they have not restrained computer use in our elections. TEF believes your vote is most secure if it is counted by hand with many safeguards.



(1.) Please call Republican committee members and ask them to protect our election laws from being waived by any authority, including the SOS. Ask them to require counties to hand-count votes so you will know your ballot was tabulated exactly as you voted. 

(2.) SB 1112, by Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston), prohibits the suspension of signature verification, failing to include the SOS. Ask committee members to add the SOS to the list of officials not allowed to provide waivers for signature verification in Section 87.04111 (a) and (b). Contact List for Senate State Affairs Members.

Beth Biesel

Election Integrity Chair

Texas Eagle Forum